The WE Center Vision

Since January of 2015, The Consortium has been developing and refining a vision for The WE Center: Where WELLNESS and EMPOWERMENT Happen. The WE Center will be a resource for the New American and immigrant communities, but it will also be a gathering spot where newcomers and host community members can come together.

The idea was first sketched out in response to a Request for Proposals issued by the City of Fargo. The proposed building has since been condemned,so The Consortium is considering other locations while still offering English classes at the 28th Street Mosque and the CHARISM Community Center, and developing additional programming like a women’s empowerment group and a language exchange program.

The WE Center will fill a gap that is typical of resettlement efforts. The WE Center aims to build the social bridges, form the social bonds, and make the social links that are so often hardest to establish when resettlement efforts focus on employment and self-sufficiency first.


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